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Wayne Baker Brooks - Chicago Blues
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Wayne Baker Brooks

Wayne Baker Brooks (born April 30th, 1970) is an American blues and blues-rock guitarist and singer. He was born in Cook County Chicago, Illinois.
The son of Chicago blues legend Lonnie Brooks joined his father's band as a roadie in 1988, and started playing guitar in the band in 1990. In 1997, he formed the Wayne Baker Brooks Band. In 1998 he spearheaded and co-authored the book "Blues for Dummies" along with Cub Koda & Lonnie Brooks, the book was published August 1998. On October 27th, 1998, he and his band performed for then First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton (now Secretary of State) at Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation/Chess Records 2120 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL.

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On July 15, 2003 he performed at U.S. Celluar Field in front of 47,000 people at the Major League Baseball All Star Game. Brooks started his own record company in 2003 and officially released his debut "Mystery" On October 26th, 2004 receiving numerous accolades including 4 stars from the All Music Guide. He is the first Chicago bluesman to blend authentic Chicago blues with hip hop & house music genres.


With his debut release Mystery, Wayne Baker Brooks serves notice of a new, powerful
force at play in the music world. Combining outstanding song craft, passionate vocals and
a liquid fire guitar style, this talented artist manages to honor his rich blues heritage while
effortlessly expanding the boundaries of the genre.

Mystery is an intense sonic mixture comprised of a wide range of elements including the
blasting heat of Texas, the joyous abandon of Chicago's wild South side and the inspired
devotion of Led Zeppelin at their blues-worshiping best. Mystery also features Wayne's
father Blues Master Lonnie Brooks Courtesy of Alligator Records.

This should come as no surprise. Wayne Baker Brooks is known for bringing the house
down. Whether performing with his own WBB Band or hosting white-knuckle jams with
blues legends like Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, John Mayall, and Otis Rush, or famous rockers
like Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, George Thorogood and Slash of Guns N Roses,
to name but a few, top critics of all media agree Brooks is an exciting artist not to be

"He's got the talent, the energy and everything else to make it click",
declares the Queen of the Blues, Koko Taylor, "I'll bet my money that
he'll succeed and that's something I don't do is gamble."

As the son of blues super star, Lonnie Brooks, Wayne was raised in an extraordinarily
gifted and hard working household. He began his career polishing musical skills during the
course of a staggering 150+
performances, year in and year out, with his father's band. It was a schooling like no other
and Wayne's dazzling talent & stage presence quickly placed him dead center in the

This charismatic musician has been featured on nationwide television news programs, such
as CNN Showbiz, as well as radio programs reaching approximately 15 million listeners in
one days work, including The Mancow's Morning Madhouse Show, The Jonathan
Brandmeier Show and House of Blues Radio Hour.

In addition, his reputation has even reached the White House. On October 27th, 1999, the
Wayne Baker Brooks Band performed for the First Lady of the United States, Hilary
Rodham Clinton at Chess Records in Chicago. As the conclusion of the band's explosive
set, Hilary pronounced, "My husband is going to be so jealous he missed this!"

Apart from playing and recording, Mr. Brooks enjoyed a cameo appearance in the Blues
Brothers 2000 & Barbershop II movies and co-authored the book "Blues For Dummies" for
the famous educational series. To date, this edition has been translated into 8 other
languages, with 30 more to go altogether.

Wayne Baker Brooks aka WBB


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